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Mr. Vulcan

This fanlisting is for fans of the character Tuvok portrayed by Tim Russ in Star Trek: Voyager. Tuvok is a Vulcan and Chief of Security on Voyager; one of Captain Janeway's most trusted advisors and closest friends. In the pilot episode, Tuvok is undercover on a Maquis ship, sending information back to the Federation; Voyager and the Maquis ship get catapaulted into the Delta Quadrant and the Maquis captain, Chakotay, sacrifices his ship to save Voyager and the two crews for an uneasy alliance. Voyager's First Officer is killed and Tuvok is next in line, but Janeway chooses instead to have Chakotay as her First Officer and Tuvok retains his post as Chief of Security. In the beginning, Chakotay is very mistrustful of Tuvok because he was a spy aboard his ship; Tuvok is, likewise, very mistrustful of the Maquis and makes many contingency plans to cover possible mutinies, uprisings and betrayls - plans laid to rest as the two crews begin to blend together and become one cohesive whole, but plans that, ocassionally, come back to haunt them.

As well as his long, close friendship with Kathryn Janeway, Tuvok also forms relationships with other members of the crew, in particular, he forms an unlikely friendship with Cook/Morale Officer, the Talaxian Neelix. Neelix is always enthusiastic and his feelings are always close to the surface, a sharp contrast to Tuvok's stoic demeanour and strictly controlled emotions - they don't see eye to eye about many things, but Neelix clearly holds Tuvok in great affection and Tuvok likewise, in his own way. Neelix gives Tuvok the nickname Mr. Vulcan, which is what inspired the name of the site.

I like Tuvok because he's so calm and controlled; but you can still see the emotions locked away under the surface. He's a vital part of Voyager and he seems to bring out the best in people.

The Site

This fanlisting was originally owned by Nadia; she kindly adopted it out to me on March 21st 2007. She named the site Mr. Vulcan and I liked the name so much that I kept it when I adopted the fanlisting; Mr. Vulcan is the name that Neelix often uses to address Tuvok and it seems appropriate.

The site was designed in Photoshop CS anf GIMP and the layout features promotional photographs and stills from the series that I had saved on my hard drive, I can't be more specific with the credits. The fanlisting is powered by Enthusiast 3 and is a part of Fangirl at Laitaine.Net.