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Fanlisting Statistics

This fanlisting was adopted from Nadia on 21st March 2007 and was last updated on 6th October 2020. There are currently 27 members from 9 countries, with 0 pending approval and an average of 0.01 new fans joining each day. A warm welcome to Rachael.


  •  Benjamin Sisko
  •  Chakotay (Reflection Pool)
  •  Ezri Dax
  •  Federation Database
  •  Kathryn Janeway (Steadfast)
  •  STV 3x26 Scorpion 1 (Human Nature)
  •  STV 4x01 Scorpion 2 (Borg Nature)
  •  STV 5x10 Counterpoint (Infinite Melodies)
  •  STV 6x15 Tsunkatse
  •  STV 6x25 The Haunting of Deck 12 (Horror Stories)
  •  STV 7x02 Imperfection
  •  STV 7x03 Drive
  •  STV 7x11 Shattered
  •  STV 7x12 Lineage
  •  Tom Paris

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12th March 2011
Lots of new buttons.
6th February 2011
Layout revamped.
21st March 2007
Fanlisting approved.