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Book 'Em, Danno

Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny 'Danno' Williams are two of the main characters in the remake of Hawaii Five-0. Steve is a Navy SEAL, now serving in the reserves so that he can head up a special task force for the Governor of Hawaii - to clean up her island, with full immunity and means. Danny is a recent import to Oahu, originally hailing from Jersey; he followed his ex-wife, Rachel, and her new husband, Stan, across the continental US and half of the Pacific Ocean so that he could still see his daughter, Grace.

Steve likes to take off his shirt a lot - to show off his tattoos or to show off his hot body, no one's really sure which, but no one is complaining - and pretty much anything that involves water. He likes guns and physical violence. Steve does not like colouring within in the lines, doing paperwork or Danny's ties. Steve is badass. Steve has Faces.

Danny likes to look professional and wears a lot of ties. He likes to shout and gesticulate a lot. He likes only cheese and tomato on his pizza and dislikes pineapples; he will grudgingly admit that malasadas are pretty good and thinks Coco Puffs from the Liliha bakery are the best things ever. He dislikes Steve's taste in music. Danny has Tones.

Steve and Danny argue and bitch at each other pretty much all the time. Danny has Opinions and Steve's favourite hobby is to set Danny off and watch him rant and rave. A lot of the bad guys think they are already married.

Why Book 'em, Danno? Easy! In the very first episode, Steve finds out that Grace's nickname for Danny is Danno and he adopts it for his own, mostly because he knows it will piss Danny off. At the end of most episodes, when they catch the bad guys or girls, Steve says Book 'em, Danno so that Danny will whip out his cuffs and do all that boring cop stuff that Danny revels in and Steve hates. And then, in episode 1x06 "Ko'olauloa" they have a little back-and-forth about it:

Steve: When I say "book 'em, Danno"... it's a term of endearment.
Danny: Okay, do it every day. I like it.

So basically, it's Steve's way of saying I love you. Because Steve is a neanderthal animal badass Navy SEAL and doesn't do things like other people.

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