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This fanlisting was created on 13th January 2006 and was last updated on 4th December 2020. There are currently 48 members from 14 countries, with 0 pending approval and an average of 0.01 new fans joining each day. A warm welcome to Cassie.


  •  Amanda Tapping
  •  David Hewlett
  •  Evan Lorne
  •  Rodney McKay
  •  Rodney McKay & John Sheppard
  •  Sam Carter
  •  Sheppard/McKay fanfiction
  •  Stargate Atlantis
  •  Stargate Atlantis Season 1
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 1x10-1x11 The Storm & The Eye
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 1x17 Letters From Pegasus
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 2x04 Duet
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 2x06 Trinity
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 2x16 The Long Goodbye
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 3x06 The Real World
  •  Stargate Atlantis: 5x19 Vegas

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13th January 2006
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