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Says You

This fanlisting is for fans of the relationship, be it friendship or romance, between Sam Carter and Cameron Mitchell from TV show Stargate SG-1. 

Sam Carter is played by talented actress and Amanda Tapping, and Cameron Mitchell by Ben Browder of Farscape fame.

Cameron Mitchell was brought in at the new guy when Jack O'Neill left at the end of season eight; I was ready to be unimpressed.  But I was pleasantly surprised, I really like Cam.  Sam Carter was absent for the first half of season eight (because Amanda was having a baby), and when she came back I was immediately struck by the on-screen rapport, the camarderie and the friendship.  I really love the dynamic between these two, they're a similar age and the same rank (which makes them pretty much equals, for all the Cam is supposed to be in charge). They really balance each other.

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