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Natural Talent

This fanlisting is dedicated to Nico Rosberg, the incredible young driver who is wowing the Formula 1 world; both in the paddock and in the stands!

Son of 1982 F1 World Champion, Keke Rosberg, Nico has an impressive family history in the sport. 2006 saw his first season in Formula 1, with Nico only 20 years old. In his first race he spun off and came out dead last after a pit-stop and managed to fight his way back up into the points, finishing seventh, also clocking the fastest lap time on the way. This makes him the youngest driver to have a fastest lap record, and one of only four drivers to do so in his first race. In his next race he went on to qualify third on the grid, at a notoriously tricky race track he had never driven before! A great start to what promises to be a great career.

He continued to drive for the Willimas team for the next three seasons, before moving to the Mercedes GP team for 2010, alongside the returning Michael Schumacher.

Off the race track, he's shown himself to be a friendly, mature young man, with a calm head on such young shoulders.

The name Natural Talent needs little explanation; this young man is clearly an amazing driver with a wealth of natural talent. Combined with his maturity, dedication and focus, he's a champion of the future.

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