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The Flying Scotsman

This fanlisting is dedicated to Scottish racing driver David Coulthard. David has driven in a number of racing series, with great success, but he is best known for his long stretch as a Formula 1 driver. David started in Formula 1 in 1993 as a test driver for the Williams team; he continued on as test driver for the start of the 1994 however, following the tragic death of Aryton Senna, he was given a race seat alongside Damon Hill. He continued at Williams for the 1995 season, gaining five pole positions, his first win (in Portugal) and finished 3rd in the championship.

In 1996, David moved to McLaren, where he would remain for the next 9 years, to drive alongside Mika Häkkinen and, later, Kimi Räikkönen. His time as McLaren was very successful; he racked up 7 pole positions and 12 wins for the team, finishing 3rd in the championship a further three times, and 2nd once.

In 2005, began a four-year stint with the new Red Bull team, alongside Christian Klein, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Mark Webber. David's talent and enormous wealth of the experience with vital in helping the team develop into a front-running team and he gave the team their first podium in 2006 in Monaco.

David retired at the end of the 2008 season, having raced a total of 250 races and with 13 wins to his name, of which two were at Monaco and two were at Silverstone. He remains very active in the world of motorsport; he is still contracted as a test driver for the Red Bull team, he is a pundit and a commentator for the British Formula 1 broadcast by the BBC and he is also racing in the DTM series.

I always enjoyed watched David race; but more than that, I always admired his honesty and appreciated his candour. David would be the first person to hold his hand up and admit to a mistake and to apologise if necessary; and he can always be counted on to tell it like it is, even if his opinion was unpopular. This latter quality makes him an excellent pundit and commentator and I am thoroughly enjoying his contributions to the British race broadcasts.

The site is called The Flying Scotsman for obvious reasons; David is a proud Scot and very, very fast behind the wheel of a racing car - it seemed appropriate!

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