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Because She Said Yes

This fanlisting is dedicated to the wonderful film The American President, starring Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd and Annette Bening as political lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade. The film was directed by Rob Reiner and written and produced by Aaron Sorkin, creator of hit politcal drama The West Wing. The film also stars Martin Sheen of The West Wing fame as Shepherd's Chief of Staff and best friend, and Michael J Fox as speech writer.

Shepherd is a widowed US president, left with an eleven year-old daughter to raise at the same time as running the country and Sydney is a political lobbyist hired by the Global Defence Council. In a meeting at the White House she starts insulting the President, unaware that he is standing right behind her. He asks her to accompany him to the Oval Office and she thinks that he means to berate her but instead he tries to chat her up and ask her out. Thus starts a rather interesting relationship. Dating shatters Shepherd's widower status and opens him up to character attacks; his 63% approval rating takes a nose-dive but he refuses to engage in the character debate. At the same time, Syndey is working hard to gather votes to support an environmental bill after Shephard promises to pass the bill if the GDC can get a requisite number of votes. Sydney gets the votes but Shepherd falls short and he shelves the bill in favour of crime prevention legislation that, as Sydney puts it, has no hope of preventing crime; Sydney takes it personally and everything falls to pieces. But, of course, it all comes right in the end; Shepherd does the right thing and love wins out in the end.

I absolutely love this film, it is one of my all time favourites and I could watch it over and over again. The story is delightful, the characters loveable, the acting superb and the writing witty.

The name Because She Said Yes comes from a quote from the film. While dancing at the state dinner, with the whole room watching, Sydney remarks: "Two hundred pairs of eyes are focused on you with two questions on their minds - who's this girl, and why is the President dancing with her?" Shepherd replies: "Well, first of all, the two hundred pairs of eyes aren't focused on me. They're focused on you. And the answers are Sydney Ellen Wade, and because she said yes."

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