My Wishlist

These are the fanlisting that I would absolutely LOVE to own.  If you own one of them and you're thinking of adopting, then please, please consider me!

Kathryn Janeway & Chakotay

›› Relationships: TV ›› Star Trek Voyager

Voyager was my first real fandom and Janeway and Chakotay were my first OTP.  There are not words to express how much I LOVE this pairing; how much I squeed and squeed during Resolutions and Coda and Shattered and how much I cried when Chakotay ran off with Seven.  They were so much more together than they were apart, truly two halves of one whole.  ♥

Ever After

›› Movies

Ever After is one of my all time favourite films - it never fails to put a smile on my face and I never get tired of watching it. It's such a refreshing take on a classic fairytale. I love how Danielle is portrayed, she's strong and independent, but still soft and loving; she gives so much of herself and expects to get that back in return. The writers got the balance of the character right, which is something we don't see enough of in movies today. And Henry, much as I want to slap him around the face when he's being a stuck up prat, comes through in the end - and is very, very pretty. I love Leonardo, so straight-talking and so wise and so good; and Angelica Houson's portrayl of the stepmother is wonderful - she's so cruel but then has tender moments where she almost reaches out to Danielle, and that makes her cruelty even more effective the next time she unleashes it. And the last line, for me, is just perfect. "And while they did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived." . ♥

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